Biresin CR122 – "Non-toxic" epoxy resin for wet-lay-up with LBA Approval

Sika has introduced a new composite resin system, Biresin CR 122 into the aviation market. The resin has been approved according to the German Air Ministry, LBA/RHV, guidelines for use in light aircraft, powered gliders and gliders. The new resin system fills a gap which existed in the market for composite resins with this approval in that it is non-toxic. Biresin CR122 resin with hardeners Biresin CH122-3 and CH122-5 is suitable for the wet lay-up, resin infusion and RTM.

The resin system develops good green-strength properties when cured at room temperature, allowing for de-moulding at ambient temperatures and postcure off the tool. With correct postcure a glass transition temperature of 120°C can be reached. This compares favourably with the 97°C minimum required by LBA/RHV. The resin system is also Germanischer Lloyd approved for use in composite parts, particularly relevant to the production of wind turbine blades and the moulds to produce them.  

Biresin CR122 systems are also suitable for the manufacture of fibre reinforced tooling where the moulding temperature can reach 90°C.

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