An additive material widely used in roads and bridges, building materials and fire protection products

The basalt fiber has been put into mass production in mid June at Xinjiang Corps Nong Yi Shi. The first phase of the project annual production of basalt fiber and products will reach 3000 tons.

Basalt is a natural volcano molten rock. Under the high temperature melting it can be drawn into basalt fiber, which has special properties of high toughness, high temperature resistance, salinity resistance, insulating.

This new type of fiber can be melted in asphalt fiber, concrete fiber as well as the fire protection fibers. It plays an irreplaceable role in road and bridge construction as well as the fire control work.

At present, the new material has been demonstrated in Sichuan, Hebei, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang expressway, railway bridges and civil construction.

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